Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Group of Young men

Can't keep it with myself...

I was on my own travel back to the countryside visiting my mom. I took the train from the second stop, Samsen station. There are several stops before last two stops at Ayuttaya and Saraburi province. Because of that a group of the retirement people next to my seat made my trip enjoyably.  Once I got on the train, there were a few people there and every train stop, there was one another joining the group.  Every single one came and greeted, "Sawasdee krab" or "hi." And each one raised the hand and pray each other in the way Thai people do when we greet each other.  

One was arranged the ticket and foods for others.  It's around 9 pm, probably late dinner for them. Some brought some drinks and extra snacks. Guess what in my mind said that why it seems like all old people love duck or something that they can hold the bone while they are eating haha!! Something that taste good with beer.  I am sure they hadn't got drunk yet.  The first conversation I heard from them was "hey! I remember you were older than me but how could you looked younger than me" I couldn't hold my laugh.   They were all retired men at around late 60 years old.  Many of them got dressed very casual and a bit fashionable, maybe Bangkokian normally knows and looks more in fashion trends. 

My seat where I kept myself separately from those young men' conversation

The train I took was an overnight train from Bangkok to Northeastern part of Thailand. I heard that those guys were going to attend a kind of party from the conversation. I didn't really listen to the whole conversation but I felt like the conversation of old men were similar to the middle age people like me and a group of friends. But beer and some smelly foods got my attention really haha!! Once it got a bit late, I would let you imagine of this reunion group.  It's a pre-reunion party on the overnight train, I would call.  It's great idea for your next reunion with an old friend probably.

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  1. Must be fun to hang out there, my friends won't get an excuse to leave early haha!!