Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Signature Dishes of The Week

A: "What would you like to have for lunch or dinner?"
B: "Noodle Noodle and Noodle?"

When you are staying oversea, you might get to choose; 
Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Mediterranean, ...FOODS
But here in Thailand, we mean the kind of foods;
Noodle, Rice, or a little bit of rice :-)

STill tough!!
What's kind of needles?
You still get to should...

Egg noodle, flat noodle, rice noodle, or vermicelli noodle, ...
Only beef, mix with boiled beef, mix with ball meat, or mix all, ...

Vermicelli with beef

Rice Noodle with chicken
Egg noodle with Chicken

My colorful dessert 

Hot or cold dessert?
It's a lot more fun
with a selective preserved fruit

Pumpkin/sweet potato/corn/lotus seed/palm seed/bread

For topping
Red syrup/condent milk

I got palm seed, bread, red syrup, content milk and ice on top.

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