Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Sweet Lhasa Apso

~ Godzjung ~ 

A 9 years old, lhasa apso dog.  Godzjung was named in Japanese style, ending with "jung" to make it sounds a bit more cute than it should.  Eventually, her name is similar to Japanese cartoon. Godz was given and refer to a Godzilla, the animal that eats a lot.  Believe it or not, Godz eats very little but she loves paper clip, needle, some kind of steal like Godzjung in the cartoon loves to eat those stuff.  

Let's get to know more about Godzjung!!

I adopted Godz instead of my friends. They had her for almost a month or two, she was they first pet in their new house so Godz got to stay outside the house when my friends left for work. Poor Godz got so happy every evening after my friends came back. She ran around the house and tried to help the chore work i believe; she picked up the phone, cleaned wallpaper, and sharped the table legs (bit it) haha!!! Godz loved to help cleaning floor and sometimes i thought she were a mop haha!! Those brought Godz here to stay with me just for 2 weeks notice, fortunately, I got her for real. Since then till now, Godz was announced as my first child.  I changed her old name, Kuay-hom (Banana), but she seems to remember that her old name as well as remember my friends who first adopted her from the farm. 

Godzjung in a new house, she has never acted like she is a good at chore work any more.  She has learned to listen and act like a little cute baby.  Godz accompany me most of the time. Everything I made she knew, every act i moved she followed, ... My friends got surprised 2 weeks after she had stayed with me. We met at coffee shop after her glooming.  Godz enjoyed and flirted  people who passed by haha!!

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