Saturday, June 16, 2012

JJ Market section #2

How to get there, Jatujak Market Section #2 ????
The closest way is to take MRT 
get off at Khamphaeng Phet station,
you will be right in front of the section #2. 
If you are looking for design and trendy items,
section #2 is the place for you.

Before H&M, Forever XXI, Top Shop, and probably Zara
getting introduced in Asia market and in Thailand,
section #2 was the destination for shopping mania and indy people.
Yep! the price range is from 200 - 1,000 baht
Not bad, right?

I would say it's a coolest area in JJ market. 

In the past, tourists got bush up their negotiation skills
from their tour guide; some good and some bad :-)
Today, traveling in Thailand, especially in Bangkok,
it's more simply and easy to do it on your own.
My advice is...
most friendly attitude and big smile would be a possible deal.

Section #2 has variety of accessories;
wedding ceremony, casual day, semi-official day, ... 
Those are executions for visiting this section. 

A little house of spirit has full of offering from those sellers. 

Fashion of the week :-)
You may tell where they are from...

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