About Chyke

I am a single mom of a nine years old lhasa apso dog living in Bangkok. I feel like lots I have missed in this world. In this space I try to disconnect from busy working hours and just pretend I've got time. What do I love is more about crafting, baking, things surrounding me, traveling, my country (Thailand), and culture.

Welcome to my blog,  a chicken area; an area for chic.  Hope this area could introduce myself and share things around me. 

Why Chykarea (Chic-ka-rea)?

I am not sure when I have agreed to use this nickname, "Gai" or "Kai" (pronoun in Thai) meaning chicken.  I found it very funny when I first introduced myself to others.  And I have to repeat it again just to reconfirm what people just has heard. Yes, it's a"chic" or "chicken." 

I Bake, You Bite

Mostly, I love to bake an ready-to-bite bakery just want to make sure my bakery still looks pretty or in a good shape just right before you put it into your mouth.  Most of my recipe are selected nut, fresh fruit and dried fruit to mix with. Definitely, I don't like it taste too sweet.  Last but not least, many of them are good to store it last for days or weeks.

เน้นขนมที่หยิบทานง่ายแบบพอคำ ระยะการเก็บนานอย่างคุ้กกี้ซะส่วนใหญ่ เค้กไม่เน้นการแต่งครีมที่ออกแนวแฟนซี ผสมส่วนใหญ่จะเป็นจำพวกถั่ว ผลไม้แห้งหรือสด ซึ่งเหมาะกับคนที่รักสุขภาพ ผู้ที่ต้องการลดน้ำตาลแต่ตัดขนมหวานไม่ขาด ลดละอาหารจำพวกแป้งไม่ได้  ต้องแนะนำเลยค่ะ

I think of this name as my trademark when I feel like to do a brunch of thing while I had not much spare time and got very tired at every end of the single day.

What else I am wanna do besides my baking and being a mom haha!! ... Let me share you more ~

When I originally planned on six-month sabbatical and wanted to do something different than I have done in the past.  Since then until now, there is a lot to accomplish, lots to learn and explore, tons of thing I still have missed...

Gift A Gift

Have you ever felt that cancer is something you heard of very often these day? Someone I know of spending her minute knitting a hat while she is getting struck on the road. She normally makes it and collects them for quite sometimes before donating it out to cancer people. What's the great idea? It's worth time spending. 

I love wrapping a gift.  For some reasons, i feel good every time I make a nice  present for someone.  I love the handmade gift just to give a personal touch to my friends and people I know of.  Also, there are lots of goods and gifts in Thailand that could be a wonderful gift for your love one or you could make one by your own. What's the wonderful gift?  But do you think you pick the right one to the right person? Let's share!! 


As a single, oldest child in the family, workaholic staff, and love failure in the past.  Here is just my experience, my thought, my advice, perhaps.  Most importantly, some friends said it's useful for some others or this is a place that we could share.

Mama Mia

I first known it meaning Mama Mia (OMG) from my Italian roommate.  I should have called this area, cross culture as I am going to share my experience, meeting, greeting with some new friends, new culture, different lifestyles, and etc. I just can't get enough to keep those stories with me and crave to share with some others. Also, I'd love to hear from you all.  Hope we could learn and exchange it a little bit more in the future. 


In this area, I proudly present my lovely dog, Godz-jung. She is a nine years old dog.  Oh my god!!  Yes, an old dog but not many would guess her age right as she still looks energetic and funny than her age.  All my family members know her as an only child I have and the oldest granddaughter in the family.  Don't laugh!!  She doesn't recognize herself as a dog at all. 

I will explain more how I got her and named her, Godz-jung

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