Thursday, June 21, 2012

Local Crafts

I first thought that embroidery stitch is only a craft in western countries.
Once I got to countryside in the eastern part of Thailand,
everyone in the village was wearing a black handmade jacket
with blanket stitch, an easy step for a beginner.
It's wonderful thing that I found.
I saw embroidery on a piece of craft of western people,
but here decorate clothes as a key concept.
Any idea to share?

Let's see what is the similarity here!!!

Oh no!!!!
Another basic stitch is there too...
Chain stitch
For me, it's easier than blanket stitch.
What do you think?

Here are more stitches... I have been told from people who made this jacket.The local people in the village normally wears it as if the western people wear a suit. It is special outfit for all matter. That's why you see many different black jackets :-) They love colorful stuff but with they only black shirt in this village.

Who they are?

They are one of the forth tribes in this region, Suay (ส่วย).
Suay made this all by hand
making fabric,
and stitch it.

How long they are going to wear?
...seems like it last forever...

My spanish friend came to the village once.
She got to try this black jacket.
She looked good with the jacket on top.
If I could find a nice one, I would send it over for a gift 
to some friends oversea.
Well, you have to make sure she is a craft-lover though :-)

I love the instruction from this book:
Embroidery stitch book:  A-Z of bullions

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