Thursday, May 31, 2012

15-min Headbands Handmade

It's happened to be Godz's headbands!!
I got to be inspired from Pinterest.  I don't really remember where is originally from, too bad!!  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New Ice Skate Rink

What a happy life would be!!!
It was a free weekend with my neighbor.  We went to a new mall, Central Rama IX, to try a new rink in town.  It reminds me of a winter time in Chicago.  An open rink right in front of Millennium park and every summer the rink gets to turn to a luxury restaurant for tourist around there.

Comparing the price of playing the ice skate in Bangkok and Chicago are pretty much the same. Here is around 280 baht ($9.5) each but there is a promotion all year round. Last time I got to be 280 baht for 1 ticket entry and get another one for free.  The shoes is more comfortable and still new. If you get there early at 10.30, with that price you get to play until noon.  I think the right time for kids and new learner to enjoy the rink.

We don't' have a super cold winter here and don't even think of snow. No way!!
But many of us love to feel the cold. Some may feel cold but they would normally say "no" haha!! Don't hate them please. At the rink, do you need jacket? I would recommend yes.  Next time, I will share you more fashion around there. Stay tune :-)

    On ice of the city's with many rinks;
    Imperial World Ice Skating
    Location:      Imperial World Sam-rong (BTS On-nut)
    Open:           The rink offers two sessions daily (10.00 - 14.45 and 15.10 - 20.00) 
    Admission:   150 baht per session, inclusive of skate rental
    Sub Zero Ice Skate Club
    Location:      Esplanade, Ratchada Road (MRT: Thailand Cultural Centre Station)
    Open:           11.00 - 01.00 

    Open Ice World
    Location:     4th floor of Imperial Lad-Proa/Big C superstore   
                        (15 - 20 mins. drive from the heart of city)
    Open:          09.00 - 21.00
    Admission: 120 baht

    World Planet
     Location:    7th Siam Discovery (BTS Siam)
     Open:         10.00 - 20.00
     Admission: flat free per 90 minutes

Jatujak Market section 3 and 21

Between the two sections!!

My Saturday shopping hour at around 10 am. It's gloomy day but lovely without the heat. Yes, I got there just about right time, easy parking, not too crowded. It's also a peak time for westerner. Since last year, more visitors around southeast Asia have been a majority here.

Market hour: Saturday opens early for tourists as many of them have been told and scared of the weather. It's getting hot during the day.  On Saturday, you can shop late till 6.30 or 7 pm.  Restaurant or small pub there opens until 9 pm.  On Sunday, many shop open a bit late around 9.30 or 10 am and close early as well.

Between section 3 (right) and section 21 (left). JJ Map 
You are ready to served ~ coconut is easy to find there
Tourist is looking for their aromatic oil 

Asian tourists love accessories ~ cheap here

My favorite T-shirt shop, Appollo. It costs around $2.50 each

Self service shop. Just go and pick it yourself

Many stores in Jatutak market (JJ market) have the offering right in front of their store. Some big and some very small serve.  Generally, they pray for prosperity.  What is in there? All has its meaning. I'll bring it up to share you more in the near future.

This market only open once a week over the weekend. The whole sale normally starts on Friday early morning around 3 am and retail store operate only for weekend.  I have been told that the seller gives the offering once a week, normally on Saturday.

About here are items that tourists easily find along they trip in JJ market. The walking street around JJ market really a display to tempt all tourists to stop by and shop. Of course, a popular t-shirt of all the trademark (red bull, Singha beer, Change beer, Heineken,...) is just right there.

Some are more interesting in local crafts and handmade goods
........SECTION 3........

It's likely a spot for indy around section 3.
Luxury items for check from Local designer
Colorful items for teens  kids
Tidy and cute earring right there for ya!

Believe it or not, this is about magic ~ seriously informed

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert

We don't have lots of holiday like other western countries. Many of them also relate to religion. But Godzjung gets to enjoy glooming. If holiday means going out, she is in. She knows that a chance for her to accompany us.

A big concert here today. My sister and I thought Godzjung should enjoy this fest too. Godzjung needs a gorgeous outfit for LadyGaga concert.

I was first to get this trolley from US online but the shipping it's way too expensive.  At the dog fair last two weeks, I got this at the reasonable price. The size is just about right to carry at the narrow shopping area, the weight is very light.  Only the hight, it's a bit high for Godz but I think she gets used to it and loves it now.

Doggie Trolley at JJ weekend market $100 - can put on weight up to 33 lbs.
Diggie Messenger Bag at JJ weekend market $25

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thai Haloween??

Pumpkin is also one of traditional thai dish I have known about it more than 30 years. It's simple stir fired dish, but I'd love to call it as one of my slow cooking dishes. Why's that? ... 


3 tsp.        olive oil/vegetable oil 
4 pieces    garlic (peal and cut it to small pieces as you like)
200 g        ground pork or slice pork fillet (I use vegan meat made from bean)
1/4            middle size of a whole pumpkin
1 1/2 tsp.   soy sauce
2 1/2 tsp.   oyster sauce
1 cup         water 
1                egg

You simply heat oil then put garlic until it nearly turns yellow or smell its flavor.  Add pumpkin and stir it for a minute before you add soy sauce and oyster sauce.  Then, pour water and leave it as you do a slow cooking until pumpkin is cooked.  Last step, break an egg and slowly stir it in the saucepan for a bit. Simple and easy, right? 


Monday, May 21, 2012

Stripe & Stretch

Today I thought I'd share with you my first sack. If you're new to sewing, in need of project ideas, or just looking to be inspired.  I am your friend.  I adopt the shirt pattern I normally wear with my legging to a nice cutie sack for my niece.  She loves it because this sack helps to make her dancing movement looks like a professional dancer.  

You just simply duplicate a tank top from the size you'd like to make and expand the side underneath the armpit to 180 degree. Than, you will get a nice dress like this.  The edge of the sack can be any style you like. In this pattern, I made the sack askew to one side.  Just to make it look more unique!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healthy Apple Cider Vinegar

The best practice for your digestion is to have apple cider vinegar with lime or lemon every morning.  Not that hard to try though.


Paper Object

A Part of Chinese Funeral Ceremony Tradition

Here is just the object I got a chance to picture from the funeral over the weekend.  Normally, many of them are furniture that we actually need for daily use, such as refrigerator, closet, clothes, chair, table, and car, for example.  Those objects are made from paper that we will burn it after the ceremony.  This custom really intend to show that the death person would get everything to comfort his/her in heaven. 

I have been told that Chinese in Thailand and in China are different.  In Thailand, we are more conservative. Several customs don't do it in China any more.  I believe that our ancestor moved from  China for years and many of them lost their contact with family and friends.  They don't go back to China and see what have changed. All traditions have been told and practice from the first  and next generation.   

A Mercedes Benz, we wish to delivery to our ancestor

Another paper object, a sofa in Chinese style 

A new iPad for grandma and grandfa. Below that is money for them to spend in the heaven

A lovely shirt, jacket, watch, and iPhone haha!! What else we can think of?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Short Plaid Pants

The weather in Thailand is way too hot.  I can't stand wearing my every jean as i was in Chicago any more.  I need to breath... But if it's too short, I don't think it's really me.  I can't really show my beautiful legs and let the sun licks them haha!! Love it? 

My kind of pant that I love to wear during the summer and rainy season.  The fabric is imported from Japan that makes the cloth is softer and better quality. The little detail on the plaid gives my short pants a little bit more look and trendy in the way it cut and design.  I should have not said that much unless let you get one for a try. 

Cutie Laidwork with Jean Bag

Not easy, if you have to find some gifts for your best friend, especially for a friend who doesn't live in the same country.  I feel like a only chance I would find something nice.  When I was thinking what to find, I suddenly looked at those laces and a nice piece of jean fabric.  The pattern was very simple. But a design makes a bit more special in the way I utilized those laces.  I think it's not bad though haha!