Saturday, March 21, 2015

I-Sarn authentic foods

I-sarn food is one of my favorite and comfort foods to have. Every time that my sister and I are kind of lost, we would think of it and crave to have it, Som Tum salad  ^__^

How wonderful that now we moved here at Ubon and got a chance to varies. We could find it every corner, day till night. However, we have our favorite Som Tum shop. 

Besides that it is bamboo soup with special kind of ingredient which makes kids or a new comer scared. It appears in  dark green. I couldn't believe that got mine. Many people told me it's kind of medicines. If so, it's very special and authentic I-sarn food I really recommend. Not spicy as you thought and very light meal with healthy ingrediens such as pumpkin, mushroom and so on. However, it's not for vegan haha!! 

Last one was fired shrimp with salt. This could go with Som Tum salad very well. I haven't try yet. Wanna see and taste? Come with me. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Easy day with Amy H.

Look like I always mention about food, not this time. The reason I got to show many photos of a variety of lovely dish is from a meeting with some old friends. 

Here is another occasion ^___^ 
Thank you to my friend, Amy. This time we didn't get to go that far from Soi shukhumvit 35 where she have stayed when she is in Bangkok. And my new fav dish is eggplant with ground pork. Yumm!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Popular I-Sarn food

Look at this special Som Tum dish, my sister and I accidentally found it on our way for the dinner.  

Som Tum Kai-yang-porn-thip, it's nearby the main police station in town and one of famous temple, wat-Pah-Yai

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Godzjung & Lora

Now, we know how to walk step by step.  These happy doggies are enjoying while they are moving along from one place to another with us. 

Lora always wants to be the winner running back to my bedroom. She thought she was the leader who could come up higher haha!!