Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gift for Auntie

A Sweet Matryoshka!!

A new kit set is en route!! All are Japanese fabric. Craft lovers will get to try patchwork, embroidery, and cutwork on this handcraft. It comes handy and big enough for you to hold it tight while you are watching Korean series at home or be your sweet ornament for your living room.  Can't wait!!

Sweet Matryoshka from Quilt Bee Shop

A Rose Wallet!!

From a lovely YARNDYE (Japanese fabric) to cherry blossom pink rose wallet.  This would fit someone who loves craft for her leisure day to impress friends and family. 

A kit set of rose wallet size 5"X 5" with a zipper on top.  Japanese fabric (Yarndye) in different color to make tree leaf, flower, and wallet. This included all materials and a step by step easy tutorial in a pack. It only comes in a cherry blossom pink color.  Totally sweet!! 


                                            A kit set of lovely ACORN
Simply made by japanese fabric (yarn dye)
$20 (exc. shipping)

Cherry blossom pink rose wallet kit set from Penny Quilt Shop. 
Lovely  acorn Penny Quilt Shop. 

Daily Clutch Bag

I found this bag it's very trendy, comfort and suit to daily use. The design makes more sense and understand the user very well.  From its color and style, it's great for a gift to your lovely man or even for a uni-sex.  Inside there is a little pocket with zipper.  The other side also has another pocket that fit for our iPhone or Android.

Kios Phase II at Crystal Design Center, Bangkok

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