Monday, June 4, 2012

Sambuddha Jayanthi

Sambuddha Jayanthi at Rama IX Kanchanapisek Temple

Not often, I go to temple.  But this Visakha Puja day I went to Wian Tien (to walk with lighted candle around the temple).  In Bangkok these days, people get dressed fashionally even on Visakha Puja day.  We actually can wear anything we like; formal or casual. As buddhism, wearing an appropriated outfit is a great manner and/or best practice to do. White color represents a purity, so many of us prefer to wear light or white for the temple fest or religion day.  It becomes another fashion era. When it gets close to one of the religion day, many thais will look for their own "uniform" I would call. Only some will apply their daily clothes to the fest. 

I should have taken more pictures but I had to concentrate while I was walking around buddhist monastery/Wien Tian. 

The old fashion of wearing white to the temple
She came alone along with her 2 umbrellas haha!!
Alone again!  Another one with her umbrella

A Buddhism Family ~ So Cute!!

Fashion tonight

Why in the year 2600 celebrations, Sambuddha Jayanthi?

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