Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know how-to

A group of Chinese friends is one of my close friends when I was in Chicago.  One day, I was invited to join a birthday party at my Chinese friend's apartment.  We had such a great dinner, making by a lovely mom who came to visit her daughter.  Yep, there were about 10 friends joining that dinner.  The highlight of the dinner was a time for a birthday cake.  I was the only Thai, an alien there, someone who could understand only some chinese words.  I understood some of chinese cultures, meaning it's good enough to survive and kept a good relationship with those friends.  Of course, I sang a birthday song haha!! Just flow with the wind.  Right after that, someone handed chopstick to all of us.  My friend cut and handed a piece of cake to each one. What? Suddenly, they used their chopstick eating their cakes. Mama Mia!!   I really couldn't keep it with myself.  So, I spoke it out loud, "thank god, I know how to use chopstick well haha!!" I got to laugh a lot but still keep it polite. They all got to laugh at me a lot that night.  Perhaps, those friends might question why we use spoon and fork, not fork and knife...

Yes, they still invited me whenever they thrown a party, having fun, and etc :-) ...I'm in ~

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