Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Signature Dishes of The Week

My breakfast...Vietnamese style. I got the ingredients from northeastern part of Thailand, Ubonratchathani, where was one of the place that vietnamese immigrants settled down after WWII.  We call this dish, Guay-jub, traditional vietnamese noodle. 


Tufu Chinese Style. I first try this dish at restaurant in Hong Kong.  Lately, it has become a regular dish at many Chinese restaurant around Thailand. The taste is about spicy but the one I made it didn't.  How to make it? It's pretty simple and easy to just fire an instant sauce with soft tofu we cut in the saucepan. On top of it, we could do green onion or coriander. 

Radish soup with pork ribs ~ one of my favorite dish with easy slow cooking.

An egg dish or Thai omelette with a special local vegetable, Cha-om. What I mean special is its smell. Cha-om is such a great combination with an egg. I love to have it with many kinds of Thai paste.  I will show you more in the future. 

My dessert ~ a local banana putting in the oven for 30-40 mins.
Here are dishes I love to have as a light meal. The first one is stir fired pumpkin leaf, vermicelli salad with ground pork, and follow by morning glory and stir fired clam sauce.  

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