Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Fav Dishes from Bkk - Pattaya

They were the great mix of anchovy and artichoke :-)
Very nice!!!

This reminded me of my greek friends.
They taught me how to eat a fresh artichoke
fresh salad in Mediterranean style.
What's a wonderful moment!!

A cup of coffee on my way to Pattaya.
Not a well-known brand
taste great!!

Lovely foam
great smell of coffee bean
wonderful caramel :-)
Thought it's only Lavazza coffee is the best.
Not anyway!!!
I think I need to explore the world more.

Regular foods
we could think of at night :-)
I love to have it with regular congee.

Ramen noodle!!!
A little bit spicy but I can handle it. 

Dotanbori, small Japanese restaurant own by Thai

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