Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Fav dishes of the week

I got to travel during the week, so I got to try several dishes. 
Here what I want to mention about are:

(Rice Dumpling)

You might get to find it in China Town but 
we normally get to see around the town during its fest.

Yeah!! Ba'-Jhang Festival
it's Chinese tradition.
Inside are gingko, bean, chestnut,
Chinese mushroom,
Chinese sausage, pork fillet,
and sticky rice.

If you want to find it,
we have to check with Chinese calendar.


I got to order this
at the restaurant around the countryside
the main reason
was my mom doesn't feel like western foods.
Not those kids today, they prefer to try something new
whenever they get a chance to go out.

Stir fired Spaghetti with basil in Thai style 

In the State, 
I spent my time reading my textbook, 
or hang out with some friends at coffee shop.
But here I spend my time at coffee shop to kill my time
while I am waiting for my friend and reading magazine
so i don't get to spend on that.
It's different atmosphere though :-(

Caramello with red valvet layer cake

Lavazza is my favorite coffee shop in the State
But I could easily find the shop around my house :-)

As Thais, we get used to taste strong taste.
The same as my sister-in-law, she loves to order this dish
at one of famous brand-name Japanese restaurant.
The taste is more tasty;
and sour

Most importantly, it has to have vegetable,
not thai kids or new generation today :-(

Tuna Salad in Thai style

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