Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paper Object

A Part of Chinese Funeral Ceremony Tradition

Here is just the object I got a chance to picture from the funeral over the weekend.  Normally, many of them are furniture that we actually need for daily use, such as refrigerator, closet, clothes, chair, table, and car, for example.  Those objects are made from paper that we will burn it after the ceremony.  This custom really intend to show that the death person would get everything to comfort his/her in heaven. 

I have been told that Chinese in Thailand and in China are different.  In Thailand, we are more conservative. Several customs don't do it in China any more.  I believe that our ancestor moved from  China for years and many of them lost their contact with family and friends.  They don't go back to China and see what have changed. All traditions have been told and practice from the first  and next generation.   

A Mercedes Benz, we wish to delivery to our ancestor

Another paper object, a sofa in Chinese style 

A new iPad for grandma and grandfa. Below that is money for them to spend in the heaven

A lovely shirt, jacket, watch, and iPhone haha!! What else we can think of?

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