Friday, May 25, 2012

Lady Gaga Concert

We don't have lots of holiday like other western countries. Many of them also relate to religion. But Godzjung gets to enjoy glooming. If holiday means going out, she is in. She knows that a chance for her to accompany us.

A big concert here today. My sister and I thought Godzjung should enjoy this fest too. Godzjung needs a gorgeous outfit for LadyGaga concert.

I was first to get this trolley from US online but the shipping it's way too expensive.  At the dog fair last two weeks, I got this at the reasonable price. The size is just about right to carry at the narrow shopping area, the weight is very light.  Only the hight, it's a bit high for Godz but I think she gets used to it and loves it now.

Doggie Trolley at JJ weekend market $100 - can put on weight up to 33 lbs.
Diggie Messenger Bag at JJ weekend market $25

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