Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jatujak Market section 3 and 21

Between the two sections!!

My Saturday shopping hour at around 10 am. It's gloomy day but lovely without the heat. Yes, I got there just about right time, easy parking, not too crowded. It's also a peak time for westerner. Since last year, more visitors around southeast Asia have been a majority here.

Market hour: Saturday opens early for tourists as many of them have been told and scared of the weather. It's getting hot during the day.  On Saturday, you can shop late till 6.30 or 7 pm.  Restaurant or small pub there opens until 9 pm.  On Sunday, many shop open a bit late around 9.30 or 10 am and close early as well.

Between section 3 (right) and section 21 (left). JJ Map 
You are ready to served ~ coconut is easy to find there
Tourist is looking for their aromatic oil 

Asian tourists love accessories ~ cheap here

My favorite T-shirt shop, Appollo. It costs around $2.50 each

Self service shop. Just go and pick it yourself

Many stores in Jatutak market (JJ market) have the offering right in front of their store. Some big and some very small serve.  Generally, they pray for prosperity.  What is in there? All has its meaning. I'll bring it up to share you more in the near future.

This market only open once a week over the weekend. The whole sale normally starts on Friday early morning around 3 am and retail store operate only for weekend.  I have been told that the seller gives the offering once a week, normally on Saturday.

About here are items that tourists easily find along they trip in JJ market. The walking street around JJ market really a display to tempt all tourists to stop by and shop. Of course, a popular t-shirt of all the trademark (red bull, Singha beer, Change beer, Heineken,...) is just right there.

Some are more interesting in local crafts and handmade goods
........SECTION 3........

It's likely a spot for indy around section 3.
Luxury items for check from Local designer
Colorful items for teens  kids
Tidy and cute earring right there for ya!

Believe it or not, this is about magic ~ seriously informed

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