Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gifts and Friendship

What is your favorite gift?
Who gave the best gift?
When did you get it?
Who love to give them to ya?

One of my best friends always shares her love and care from her gift.  She is very thoughtful and shows me her attention to my current activity or hobby... Once in a while, I got to smile at her presents and questioned myself "how many hobbies I have haha!!" "sewing, baking, collecting magnet,..."  Should I tell her my new activity? haha!!! 

But one another with the same gift, magnet, but he loves to show me his country and probably wants to tempt me visiting his country.  It's still on my schedule :-) 

Another lovely friend is proud at her town and a local design.  She normally gave me things that surround her like this local designed bag from northern part of Thailand.  I also have some lovely items from vintage stores I love to visit in Chicago. She knows what I adore and crave to have. Thanks for having her love :-) 

I think I am a lucky person...
This one loves to share me her love with gifts and things we have shared when we were staying together.  She keeps reminding me lots of happy moments.  But once we are apart from each other with work and new circumstances, but she still talks to me by heart. Thanks god for having them all.  

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