Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Unexpected dinner

Since I get grown older, it's not easy to call up some friends we have without planing ahead, but I do and always try haha!! I used to be that kind of person who prefer a perfect set up to surprise others. Again, not any more ;-) 

After almost 2 years in this town, I wouldn't call I get too busy but I just feel like to do something difference; new habit, new routine, new place (sometimes just to check out), but an old friend (very old) haha!! So, just go and check it out!!  Hope none of them get to read this. 

Here, this is the place that I love the mood and tone of the store but I am not going to mention how the owner treat. Staff service is good, interior is good, but poor parking area and the taste of the food is not constantly served. 

    However, the owner has good taste in
    selecting all appliances and container.

    The very small detail has been considered such as ingredient and so on. But I found it's shown different quality or different taste. 

   All in all, the best time to have a good appetite is an expected friend who would join. It's taste good because we eat our happiness...

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